(Hopefully) Short Hiatus

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Despite the fact that the situation in Glendale is really starting to heat up, and the Kings are still in the process of lobbying the rest of the NBA to approve a relocation request to Anaheim, I will unfortunately be forced to take a short hiatus from writing on this blog due to computer issues (i.e. – my computer died on me).

I’m going to try to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, and in the meantime I might be able to use someone else’s computer if need be, but in all likelihood I will not be updating in the next couple days as my iPhone is currently my only connection to the internet.

And even typing this little entry took more time than I would’ve like with just my thumbs.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to be back updating ASAP.


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