About the Author

There’s not really much to say about me, to be honest.  I’m a lifelong Midwesterner, having lived the vast majority of my life in Central Illinois, though I went to college in Indiana and currently live in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.

I wanted to write this blog as, along with the study of history, sports and politics have always fascinated me.  In the realm of sports, I am… um… a fan of spectating more than anything else!  I’ve played organized baseball, football, basketball, and soccer, but of those I’ll admit that the only sport I was ever any good at was football as an offensive and defensive lineman.  I’m a huge, huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears, and Illinois Fighting Illini, and I also have passing interests in the Indianapolis Colts and the Geelong Cats of the Australian Football League.  I have also previously worked as a member of the game day staff with the Schaumburg Flyers, an independent baseball team in Chicagoland (including working the manual scoreboard for about a dozen games!) and at Putt Zone, a miniature golf course in Champaign, Illinois.

When it comes to politics, I’ve previously worked in a U.S. Congressional office, as a member of the New Media Corps’ Online Organizing Team for Obama for America during the 2008 campaign, and most recently as a staffer in the Illinois General Assembly attached to an individual state representative’s office.  I have fairly strong political beliefs and would probably be identified as a liberal on most issues, though I have a few odd outliers that would raise some eyebrows and a couple of conservative beliefs that would make a number of my fellow Democratic friends quite confused.  However, I am not at all the argumentative type when it comes to my political views and consider several conservatives as among my closest friends, so I will never try to force my views on other people and will try to present a neutral as possible political outlook in the articles I write here on SportVotes.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either email me at SportVotes@gmail.com.


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